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Il blog de Le Speziali

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the main ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, it can be flavored with various spices and herbs. The flavored oil is a splendid condiment for your dishes and the spices it contains will also transmit their beneficial properties to the oil. Here is the recipe for oil with turmeric.
Extra virgin olive oil, the main condiment of Mediterranean cuisine, can be happily flavored with various ingredients: from the classic chili pepper to the tasty rosemary, but also with turmeric and other spices: in short, everything that your imagination suggests! In addition, the spices transmit their beneficial properties to the oil. Below we provide a tempting and tantalizing proposal of flavored oil. If you use aromatic herbs, it is a good idea to dry them first.
There is no doubt that Bolognese cuisine is very substantial; but that it also has particularly refined dishes is equally true. Try these "passatelli" which are exquisite.
Basil cream, also called pesto. To be used for a pasta but also to be placed on top of croutons or bruschetta.
Fish soup is a delicious and exquisite dish. Discover the recipe.
Find out how pistachio tagliatelle are cooked. An original first course to surprise your diners!
Black olives, anchovies and cherry tomatoes are the ingredients of this delicious and easy-to-make first course. Success is guaranteed with this recipe! Word of Le Speziale!
A classic second course of the Tuscan tradition: Florentine steak.
Pumpkin cream is an exquisite, healthy and genuine dish. Discover his recipe.
Tomato-based cream, an elegant recipe to amaze your guests.
Green sauce to accompany boiled meat, tongue, white fish or chicken
Chicken, curry, ginger, chives are the main ingredients for this recipe with a decidedly exotic taste.
Organize a fantastic evening in the name of tradition with the most representative dish of the Aosta Valley: fondue made with fontina
Mascarpone, eggs, sugar and Claretum medieval wine are the main ingredients of this simple dessert, but with a decidedly exceptional taste. Seeing is believing! Claretum cream goes well with panettone and colomba but is also enjoyed as a spoon dessert.
The word giblets or regaglie comes from the Latin "regalia" which means something worthy of a king. Discover the recipe for this risotto fit for a king!
Artichokes and pecorino are the perfect match for this refined and elegant dish.