Vintage Style

For those searching for ancient flavors and handmade products of excellence is born the Vintage Style selection.
Liqueurs, high quality spirit drinks, produced in Valle d'Aosta, 100% made in Italy.
VINTAGE STYLE selection is a journey through time, to the rediscovery of ancient flavors almost forgotten ... which we want to rediscover!

Arquebuse Spirit


Arquebuse Spirit


The arquebuse is obtained from the infusion of tanaceto, from Greek Athanazia, whose dialectal voice..

Bombardino liqueur


The Bombardino: a "bomb" of taste and flavorThe Bombardino produced with milk, eggs and rum is the t..

Persico liqueur


Persico - Peach-based liqueur!The infusion in alcohol of sugar, extracts, peach aromas and peach see..

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