About Us

Daniela Stucchi, naturopath and reflexologist, passionate about culinary art and in particular about the use of spices, her kitchen is literally full of spices of all kinds and all origins. When he travels he leaves with an empty suitcase "Why he must leave room for spices!". He is also an aspiring sommelier and a lover of good wine, who knows how to recognize and perceive its aromas and flavors.
Passionate about Roman and medieval history: "But not the official one that you study at school" but the story on the use of food and drinks. " You understand many aspects of history knowing the tastes of the various historical periods". Her passion for spices and history led her to research in original documents from the 12th and 13th centuries, the recipe for spicy medieval wine and to recreate it to relive the history of that period through taste.
In 2015, the e-commerce website was created to promote the rediscovery of ancient and traditional products and the knowledge of the links between them and history.
The Speziali are dedicated to the research and selection of products that meet precise characteristics.
The products you will find on Le Speziali must be:
- expression of territory and culture;
- produced by small holdings,
- composed of 100% natural ingredients;
- produced in an artisanal manner.
The selection of Le Speziali will give you the opportunity to discover ancient, unusual and decidedly incomparable products.

Daniela Stucchi, owner of Le Speziali