Natural soaps

On the market there are soaps containing animal fats, shampoos with detergents and silicones, creams with stabilizers and other chemical preservatives, allergenic detergents that are not good for you and that make our planet sick .
Why continue to buy exaggerated expensive cosmetics, filled with stabilizers, detergents, dyes, preservatives?
There is an alternative: consume less and choose quality, natural and non-toxic ingredients.
It is another way of consuming, full of common sense, natural and ecological.
With Le Speziale, discover simple and authentic products.

Natural Soaps Nuts


Soap nuts: 100% ecological detergentChoose nature!The soap or walnut walnuts or soap nuts are the Gr..

Aleppo soap with Argan oil 100g


Aleppo Soap with Argan oil combines the properties of Aleppo soap with Rhassoul clay and Argan oil.R..

Aleppo soap


Aleppo soap


Aleppo soap..

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