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ANHYDROUS CITRIC ACID - ANHYDROUS CITRIC ACIDLimescale remover - Rinse aid - Softener - Descaler100 biodegradable natural productIt can be used for house cleaning and hygiene.

Limescale remover - Rinse aid - Softener - Descaler
100% biodegradable natural product

It can be used for house cleaning and hygiene.

Doses and usage tips

Limescale remover – 150 g per liter of water
With a spray bottle, apply directly on the part to be treated for a few minutes, then rinse.
Do not use on marble, stone, wood, terracotta and all surfaces not recommended for acid solutions.

Fabric softener – 200 g per liter of water
Pour 100ml of the softener into the special bowl of the washing machine

Descaler (for washing machine and dishwasher) – 200gr per liter of water
For periodic cleaning of washing machines and dishwashers, once a month pour directly into the basket or on the bottom of the dishwasher and start the high temperature program, empty.

Toilet cleaning – 100g per half liter of water
pour into the toilet and leave to act overnight, brush and rinse

Espresso coffee machines cleaning – 200gr per liter of water
Follow the descaling instructions of the coffee maker

Terracotta and glass pots, with limestone and seaweed – 30gr per 250ml of water
Moisten a cloth with the solution created and apply to the vase and leave to act for 15 minutes, then rinse

Dishwasher rinse aid – 150gr per liter of water
Fill the rinse aid dispenser of the dishwasher.


Before use, check compatibility on a small hidden area. DO NOT use on surfaces sensitive to acids, such as marble, stone, wood, travertine, etc. DO NOT use in combination with alkaline substances or preparations (alkaline detergents, bleach, ammonia, etc.)

Warning: in case of contact, it causes serious eye irritation, consult your doctor, keeping the bag or product label at hand. In case of contact with eyes, remove any contact lenses, rinse abundantly with flowing water, for a few minutes and if eye irritation persists, consult a doctor.
Keep out of reach of children.


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